Sunday, 16 January 2011

Workshop 1 Recycled Journal Pages * Created by Strathmore Artist Papers

This is a great workshop which will keep me journalling even if it is not happening every day!
Highly recommended!
The idea of reusing old art work is appealing as sometimes I am a bit slow to conjure things out of thin air. My first go at the beginning of the background of the page was dull and murky so I had a second go, using some art nouveau style imagery I created for an swap. Resized, flipped and overlaid with floral elements from the cards, now I can add to the page with oil pastel, charcoal and graphite pencil overlaid with gesso...
Murky first attempt

I prefer this one - it is much brighter and livelier

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Some new backgrounds for the ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY project

2 layers of acrylic paint with a "sandwich filling" of crackle glaze

Peeling paper technique from instructions in the brilliant book "Collage Discovery Workshop" by Claudine Hellmuth

Some journal pages

These are pages I have done in the past using gel medium mixed with PVA glue and water as the glue  with acrylic washes - all inspired by the Art Trader Magazine course

Swinburne's poem A Ballad of Death with rubber stamping, and "Liquid Applique" to give the 3D tree branches

This was a project for the Art ]ournals course with Art Trader magazine on my own art and artistic influences

This was a memorial page for my father who died in 1963; he brought the watch back for me from  Australia. Long broken , I dismantled it and added it to the page with gel medium along with copies of old photographs  

online workshop - Art Journals: Creative Exploration

I took part in this online workshop
Art Journals: Creative Exploration
Presented by: Dana Driscoll & Sal Scheibe  on - I would really recommend this.

I was lucky enough to meet Dana Driscoll, one of the tutors, in the US in 2009 when she generously showed me how to make covers


Lisa Vollrath's site* is always interesting and she has given a link there to this great project for any one who is interested in art journalling
"Julie Balzer has started a journal every day challenge blog, and so far, 250 people have signed up. She suggests you start with 30 days, and see how it goes: "
So... what a brilliant idea!! Because I have been starting and stopping art journalling for the past 2 years and I think that this will give me just the motivation I need to do it regularly.