Thursday, 21 July 2016 - decorated hands

This was such a good idea; just to draw round your own hand on thick card, cut it out, and decorate the end result,

Mine were - In the style of Klimt, medieval manuscripts and William Morris. All great favourites. Tip in pages - to be added to recipients' USK sketch books

Tip in pages - to add to a

Sennelier USK Urban Sketch Book with Accordian-style Pages

Unfortunately I cannot get hold of the nominated sketch book, or any concertina sketchbook with
6"  x 4" pages so I am going to make my own as the idea is to have a stand-up display and I have received some lovely cards as my returns.

The brief was to produce sets of 4 cards on a theme of your choice which are swapped out in your group. As they are almost 6" x 4" there is a bit more space so you can really go for it!
 - Under the Sea; Faces; Egypt; In the style of Klimt, landscapes, English beauty spots, Cley Windmill, Durdle Door, fountains Abbey and Glastonbury ...Tor

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 - a learning swap; Paint/Draw Like a Woman

This was fun and a great learning experience - copying a style really makes you look very hard. These paintings are also on ATC cards 3.5" x 2.5" so it was an even greater challenge.

1. Select only from the list on this Wikipedia page: Stick to those women who were painters/drawers/printmakers/illustrators for the purposes of this swap.

2. Do NOT select artists whose work you have painted/drawn before (e.g. NO Frida Kahlo, folks, unless you've never heard of her). We are going to try to learn about NEW to us artists with this swap

- Paintings in the style of...Natalia Goncharova - copy of self portrait; Jenny Saville, Gwen John - Chloë Boughton-Leigh; Winifred Nights, section of The Deluge

Icad 34 - 41

Saturday, 2 July 2016

ICAD 25 to 32...

I stayed on prompt with symbols but I have gone rogue now! Back to words and images - and watercolours of one of my granddaughters. I like this challenge because it is small scale so it is achievable; I enjoy trying out different ideas and techniques in a relatively quick way.
I also love seeing all the other cards; the range is extraordinary and the ideas and techniques are inspiring.