Monday, 3 June 2013

Butterfly Book

These are butterfly shaped pages that will be made up into a book - another interesting swap* and one that is going to continue on through all the seasons. Using a template that fits in a 6" x 4" rectangle, the idea is to decorate butterfly wings with seasonal  art - they are then swapped out.

This first swap is for spring so I went with March hares. I love hares, I love the mystery of them.

Although each pair here is actually the back and front of the same wing, it is interesting to get an idea of how the book will work...

I watercoloured the paper, which is sketch book paper on thick cardboard,  with random background colour, using lots of wet in wet. Each wing is one template, coloured back and front.

I drew the hares with waterproof pens and then added the colour with water soluble pencils.

*swap hosted by Jennie