Thursday, 19 April 2012

 Revisiting the pottery horse and goddess sculpture - Epona

The first stage got the look sorted

however when I returned to it I realised that the female figure had to be cut right back as the woman's head was much too large in relation to the horse...

so there was quite a bit of radical surgery.

I took the female head right back down

After two more sessions I was much happier with her proportions and feel that the horse and female are much more harmonious.

I gave Epona her hair with a braid around the forehead

 then I  worked with the horse's mane and the woman's hair so that they blended into one another...

The figure has been dried out over Easter so will be fired soon; then I will have to decide whether to glaze it or stain it with oxide

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Peak District in snow last week and Clumber Park

On 5th April we drove back from Manchester  and stopped near the summit of the Woodhead Pass to draw trees in the snow with the iPad2. This is the first time I have tried using it as a sketchbook on the go though it was too cold to actually sit outside the car.

The second sketch was made in the car park  overlooking the lake at Clumber Park.

I added more foreground to the picture of Clumber Park lake afterwards as I had left it very unfinished.