Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Art Journalling - layered backgrounds

Inspiring Lisa Vollrath art journalling year long course continues - here are my March layered backgrounds

I have tried collage elements plus gesso, acrylic paints thinned with medium, stencilling with sequin waste and borders,stamping on tracing paper and stamping.

and a similar one with magazine eyes and some text.

Friday, 18 March 2016

How to make a domino book

Domino books are tiny 1" x 2" books made -as you would expect - from dominoes for covers and a concertina of pages for the inside.
They are pretty, easy to make and have the inexplicable appeal of the miniature.

Alcohol inks make attractive covers on their own, The colours run into one another like oil on water.  Cover the sides and run over onto the under side as well so no white will show.
When dry Glue n' Seal can be used to add tiny images.
The inside could also be painted or a little story could be added.

The inside is made from a strip of watercolour paper folded into the concertina shape; each tiny page should be a little smaller all round than the domino itself. Watercolour makes a good blended background and then more tiny images can be added - I used unicorns off wrapping paper, Dover images of Victorians, roses off craft paper and a little ATC  book of vintage Easter images.

The pages may need trimming to fit neatly into the book...

The covers are attached to the ends of the concertina with all purpose glue; a length of ribbon is glued underneath the front and back to act as tie  closures.

 And there you have it - endearing little books!