Monday, 18 November 2013

More art journalling

More art journal backgrounds.

My son has an old CraftROBO he used for vinyl cutting and the Silhouette templates are compatible so I have been playing with the machine for producing interesting backgrounds with the die-cuts I produced.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Revisiting an art journal

Nothing has appeared in this one since the London riots in 2011. We were caught up crossing London West to East  and got stuck in the back of a block of flats in Clapham, while a group of hooded boys drew nearer and nearer to our car until we managed to make a u turn and drive like mad. We had passed police vans by Clapham Common just before that - I still don't know if they were working up to something or hiding! We saw crowds of people gathering all the way through London and our son had rung our mobile while we were trying to get out of the flats in Clapham and became very agitated but we had not fully understood what was happening until we got to our daughter's house in East Dulwich. Then we watched the news while rioters worked their way up Lordship Lane.

However ... now my MA is complete I have rediscovered pleasure in art as well as writing and have returned to art journalling - words and pictures!

My latest is a sort of found poem from a book about  Mazzini , 1805-1872 - the cover has gone as I have obviously cannibalised it  for book art, but the final chapter was called Literary Criticism so I used that as a source for this spread, called The Critic...

Very apt as I have worked hard on developing creative and critical skills over the last year.

I worked with positive and negative shapes, with stencils, and repeated squares plus jigsaw pieces (actual and stencilled) - and a label with a Mary Cassat painting that I love.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate - for easy monopriinting

This is a new technique I found through an swap.

The plate has a strange feel, with lots of give. It was quite expensive but it can be re-used again and again, after cleaning with water or a baby-wipe. You can't use anything sharp on it to make marks as this could damage the surface but you can use blunt tools, like the end  of a paint brush for mark making.

I put dabs of coloured acrylic on the plate and rolled it with a brayer; I added various shapes like sequin waste and empty frames etc. I especially like the effects created by using metallic acrylics. I often printed for a second time over the original print to create more layering.

The prints were from a 6" x 6" plate. They have been cut down to create 3.5" x 2.5" cards so I have chosen the most interesting rectangles.

There is a lot of scope with this! These prints would make good backgrounds but I shall be experimenting so watch this space!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

More lino cutting...

some test prints...

I decided I hated the cross hatching on the iris so chopped it away. But then I abandoned it as it was such an unclear image and I went with the marigold below instead.
I am much happier with this one as it is cleaner and clearer.

There are going to be an awful lot of people receiving  birthday cards with irises or marigolds on though!

I have also found that painting or colouring the iris prints creates some interesting effects and redeems the lino block to some extent.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

more using a Cuttlebug as a printing press - lino cutting

I have not done any printing for ages,mainly because I have been doing my MA and the dissertation - which is now finished at last.

This time I have been making lino cuts for an swap, Botanical Wonders, where 9 block prints, 5" x 7" have to be sent in.

Some time ago I carved this one and I am inordinately fond of it! I like the positive and negative elements - I think the small fish were cut out paper fish added to the block...

This was a drawing from some time ago I was going to use for an etched acrylic sheet, so I started with this 

but altered it to this, 

to straighten the edge and add more detail to the half carved leaf and to the acorn cups

Next I tried an iris I found in a book of old botanical drawings

and now wish I had maybe stuck to this carving for the flower but I decided it was confusing so 

I did this one and then these

and I am wondering whether to cut out most of the flower away for white space now...

The printing was done using the Cuttlebug machine as a press: only the black one is done with water based printing ink and a roller - as I couldn't remember where I put them, doh. Previously I used stamp pads rubbed over the surface and then printed. Cheap ones are hopeless as they make a bitty print - see second iris. The best are Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads (second print of brown leaves and green iris) - unlikely but they are really effective and give a nice uniform colour too.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Textured Abstracts with shimmer

These are a series of atc cards for a swap; 
the brief was texture and  a bit of sparkle in a 2.5 x 3.5 inch space.

The first three use acrylic paint with  texturing additives plus wire and other inserts

This one used the old paint peeled off the pallette

 This uses textured acrylic and gold cord

These use punchinella - which makes me think of Harlequin - but it is actually sequin waste

Monday, 3 June 2013

Butterfly Book

These are butterfly shaped pages that will be made up into a book - another interesting swap* and one that is going to continue on through all the seasons. Using a template that fits in a 6" x 4" rectangle, the idea is to decorate butterfly wings with seasonal  art - they are then swapped out.

This first swap is for spring so I went with March hares. I love hares, I love the mystery of them.

Although each pair here is actually the back and front of the same wing, it is interesting to get an idea of how the book will work...

I watercoloured the paper, which is sketch book paper on thick cardboard,  with random background colour, using lots of wet in wet. Each wing is one template, coloured back and front.

I drew the hares with waterproof pens and then added the colour with water soluble pencils.

*swap hosted by Jennie

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More Mixed Media - this time with wonky houses

Another great swap.

This time it is wonky houses*.
I used the templates and stuck them onto cardboard from old board-backed envelopes, cut them out and stuck them face down onto interesting papers, using matte finish Inkssentials Glue n'seal.
I like this because used top and bottom of the paper you get a smooth finish.
I used dies to cut out the windows and used the positive and negative shapes, then used images from my  collection of pictures, plus some spotty tape, vintage stickers and drawn on creepers.

*hosted by meredithu who supplied these great templates