Friday, 18 August 2017


This is the first signature of the Victorian Seamstress Digikit from thatsjustpenny. I shall practice the binding on this signature using bookbinding needles and waxed thread.

This is my second junk journal as a Design Team member for thatsjustpenny and I am still having a great time!

As you can see this is a very pretty kit, full of vintage imagery, which I have used for the pages and the tucks which I have filled with cards and mementos. I have added ribbon and flower stickers.

I'll post the binding soon!

I am planning to have 4 signatures altogether.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Victorian Seamstess

This is my thatsjustpenny second kit as a member of the Design Team.
This is a really pretty set of vintage images to make a tiny journal

I've got all sorts of ribbon, fabric and transparent decoupage papers to add to the pages; I want to give lace edgings to the journal

I've even got old embroidery from a charity shop that I will use in my pages

 I've downloaded a lovely floral burgundy paper as a thatsjustpenny site freebie, and changed the hue and added decorative elements from the digikit as extra pieces I can use as pages or collage

So i am really excited to get on with this and I will post videos from my YouTube channel soon

Thursday, 3 August 2017

My junk journal using thatsjustpenny digikits is now finished


and you can see lots of videos on how I put it together on my YouTube channel including making the journal and binding it.

The binding is a simple
3 hole binding.
The string comes up each outside hole and both ends go down into the centre hole where the ends are tied over at the back to form a lock

Friday, 28 July 2017

Steampunk Junk Journal

old Readers'Digest book for the cover
some of the kit materials
With my artist's hat on I am in the middle of creating a junk journal from thatsjustpenny, a digikit site which has some really well integrated themed kits.

 I am very excited to be on the Design Team, showing how the kits can be used.

the cover is removed, retaining the
end papers, and cut in half
I am working on the  STEAMPUNK MUSIC OF TIME ZINE JOURNAL DIGI KIT, with some elements added from a forthcoming VINTAGE STEAMPUNK DIGI KIT, and some copyright free DOVER Publications images and my own poetry and art work. My aim for a long time has been to combine words and images in a coherent way and this journal will have lots of room for input.

There are a few photographs in this post , but to see the journal as it is constructed from first to last go to my YouTube channel for step by step instructions. There are 4 videos so far, with more to come:
Junk Journal using the Steampunk Music of Time digikit, using a re-purposed book.

Video 1 -
Video 2 -
Video 3 -
Video 4 -

One of the digikit papers used as the endpaper

The front and back covers will have the TIME collage, as you can see in the photograph.
I am planning to show how the pages can be put together, using collage combined with elements like tags and labels
painted pages with the first collage piece attached

Although the journal consists of dingle pages they are orked on as double page spreads. the collage overlaps help to reinforce the spine where the holes will be punched for the binding.

envelope and journalling tag to attach to a journal page

a folded zine

The kit includes envelope templates which can be applied to the pages and can hold tags or labels.

There are single page zine templates which can be folded into little books which willbe inserted in tucks and envelopes. This means that the journal can be filled with whatever you wanted to insert.

I am thinking of poetry, quotes, sketchesm decorative labels and assorted tags.

Thursday, 21 July 2016 - decorated hands

This was such a good idea; just to draw round your own hand on thick card, cut it out, and decorate the end result,

Mine were - In the style of Klimt, medieval manuscripts and William Morris. All great favourites. Tip in pages - to be added to recipients' USK sketch books

Tip in pages - to add to a

Sennelier USK Urban Sketch Book with Accordian-style Pages

Unfortunately I cannot get hold of the nominated sketch book, or any concertina sketchbook with
6"  x 4" pages so I am going to make my own as the idea is to have a stand-up display and I have received some lovely cards as my returns.

The brief was to produce sets of 4 cards on a theme of your choice which are swapped out in your group. As they are almost 6" x 4" there is a bit more space so you can really go for it!
 - Under the Sea; Faces; Egypt; In the style of Klimt, landscapes, English beauty spots, Cley Windmill, Durdle Door, fountains Abbey and Glastonbury ...Tor