Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Steam Punk Chunkies for ATCsforall

I love Steam Punk and its links to Victoriana/Gothic.

These 4" x 4" cards have a variety of distressed backgrounds from Tim Holtz and Dover publications collage sheets, which also gave some of the crazy Victorian images. I had a couple of old drawings I had done previously of steam punk heroines, so I scanned these in after colouring them.
Finishing touches were text from old encyclopaedias and bits of old watches etc.

Another great swap from hosted by mariloupatch

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What's Become of all the Gold - a poem about Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher Years

It seems an age ago. It is. When I raged
that I was disenfranchised. Worried that
my tiny sons may grow up to new wars
if the MADness of the bombs didn’t
get us first.

But as always the newspaper days are folded up
and thrown away. We do not live in history, though
it is written around us as we move through
a present that isn’t ours to record.
That comes later.

So how can it matter now that she has died?
Old, confused, indifferent to her cocoon in
the kind of luxury that death bed moments
cannot register. The victory, if it was,
was when her own people

stabbed her in the back and she was literally
driven away in that car, red-eyed with disbelief.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My new pamphlet of my poetry and art work

My new pamphlet, behind the glass, was  produced as part of my MA in Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln, and has now been published on Lulu.  (And will be also be on Amazon shortly)

~You can  see it on-line for free at Scribd:-

A whole term was spent designing a pamphlet and getting it published as part of the course requirements.

As well as lots of poetry, there is art work that has grown out of things I have done on this site, like my found poems, gothic arches, collage etc.

~ and the paperback version is on Lulu here:-