Sunday, 31 January 2016


I carried on with the fish collage and added a second smaller canvas and lots and lots of fish.
It's is called Big Fish Little Fish - which refers to the canvas sizes, not the fish themselves.

The fish are cut out and stripes and spots added before they are glued down...

Rule of thirds...

More inspiration from Lisa Vollrath's wonderful course, which I highly recommend.

In the rule of thirds, there should be points of interest on the intersections, there should also be a focal point and some kind of linear connection.

The picture above was my first try at applying the rule of thirds , but I think this was very unsuccessful -it is bitty, it had no true focus and the middle is full of random tat!
So I scrapped it and did the one below instead... the figure on the right is a focal point and the juggling figure connects across the spread

I completed this one above one, again using the rule of thirds - although the central figure  is a strong one , the true focus is on the right staring out and the central figure has its back to the viewer. I did a lot of sanding away of the figure, which I like, and the connection across the spread is the text in this case...

These two incorporate the maps and text in the original book into the spreads, again with sanding


The final spread is a bit cluttered but I wanted to use the Modigliani images...

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Glue Books

Oh I have not posted for such a long time :(

However, I am doing Lisa Volruth's Art Journalling course beginning with "glue books".

These are a very immediate form, using magazine images etc and glueing into cheap lined books or, as in my case, old books,  with Pritt Stick.

 I have a book about Africa's Rift Valley, which has some excellent double page spreads which I intend to keep.

There are also maps and diagrams which I shall incorporate into some of my spreads.

I used Vogue primarily, though the last one also has a Times image of a folk festival which I feel is very special.
I use Vogue and other  high quality magazines as the paper is very forgiving and you tend to get page spreads with large expanses of colour. I also use these for my collage work which I have done for many years. The latest are underwater themed.

Jellyfish is finished but I am still working on the fish eyes in the second one.

I have also found as part of another glue book spread that you can distress images which gives a whole new area to develop. I am still working on this one.