Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Strathmore Workshop 2 - Start Where You Are. Instructor Linda Blinn

The second free workshop of the great series from Strathmore* was more about ideas and techniques than in making a single journal page like Workshop 1; there were lots of useful  ideas but I particularly liked these:-

1. Making pockets to keep bits and pieces while the journal is evolving is a useful tip:-
"Cut a diagonal line from the top left corner to the right edge of the page—approximately 6 inches up from the bottom right corner (for 9" x 12" size journal).Use double sided adhesive tape or glue to secure the bottom of the pocket. Use brads or tape on the right edge to hold the pages together."
I put this inside the back of the journal.

I  have been using acrylic washes up until now for journalling,  but the instructor likes water soluble crayons, paints and pencils so I have had a change.

She suggests making grids by rubbing over things -  these were plastic pockets for storing slides etc
and I used water soluble pencils.

For these I used various stencils and used a mixture of water soluble crayons and mister bottles.

The pages are now ready for journalling on...

 Another really good idea which - doh - had never occurred to me is to add an extra piece to a journal to give a bigger interactive spread

I am doing a kind of family history journal and  I had left stuff out....

so I added another fold out page on the left

Of course if you have foresight you could add extra pages to the journal for a panoramic spread as you go - see right

To add the extra page, just score a fold and glue it to the edge of the page and the page is ready to use. I had to disguise the overlap where I added the extra to the journal I was already working on....

*The workshops are completely free and are still open and you can work at your own pace - the next one starts on May 1st and you can still join the first two workshops. See

" Once a workshop begins, you can join in at any time and complete workshops at your own pace. Once a workshop begins, it will stay active until August 1, 2011."


  1. Very nice - I am glad to see how you worked out your pages from the Strathmore workshop. I am doing the workshop too, but haven't done the squares or actually any art journaling. I have done the pocket, the stepped pages and the extension. I did some trials on the spray ink with the stencils in a practice journal, so now I think I'm ready to add to the actual journal. I really like your idea of doing a family history. That is such a great use of the journal. Enjoy and have fun creating!


  2. Hi! I found your blog via Julia's AJED site. You have shared so many good idea here! Thank you. I didn't know about the Strathmore workshops either, so I will have to check those out, too!