Saturday, 11 February 2012

More iPad drawing

My daughter says that there must be a rush on people buying iPads and the Brushes app after seeing the Hockney exhibition. They will then go off creating loads of dodgy landscapes on it. She is quite right! Thanks dd!! Hence my latest go at the tree from my bedroom window... and I am even copying Hockney by drawing the same tree over and over again  (but without his technique of course!!)

I have now found out that I can use many layers to do a slice at a time and go backwards and forwards to work on them.

I did the background last of all and tinted it to get rid of the stark white background.

The foreground tree was done first with a layer underneath to fill in all the tree with a creamy colour - as otherwise the background layers of the pond, trees, ice and snow showed through the trunk where there were no marks made...

I am also playing with the built in brushes now...

I have a Bamboo stylus to use as I found using my fingers very hard.

I have always been reluctant to take a sketchpad out with me as I was afraid of making a complete mess of it - but I am now hoping to use the iPad instead of a laptop when we are away for emails etc etc but also as a discreet sketchbook...

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