Monday, 7 October 2013

Revisiting an art journal

Nothing has appeared in this one since the London riots in 2011. We were caught up crossing London West to East  and got stuck in the back of a block of flats in Clapham, while a group of hooded boys drew nearer and nearer to our car until we managed to make a u turn and drive like mad. We had passed police vans by Clapham Common just before that - I still don't know if they were working up to something or hiding! We saw crowds of people gathering all the way through London and our son had rung our mobile while we were trying to get out of the flats in Clapham and became very agitated but we had not fully understood what was happening until we got to our daughter's house in East Dulwich. Then we watched the news while rioters worked their way up Lordship Lane.

However ... now my MA is complete I have rediscovered pleasure in art as well as writing and have returned to art journalling - words and pictures!

My latest is a sort of found poem from a book about  Mazzini , 1805-1872 - the cover has gone as I have obviously cannibalised it  for book art, but the final chapter was called Literary Criticism so I used that as a source for this spread, called The Critic...

Very apt as I have worked hard on developing creative and critical skills over the last year.

I worked with positive and negative shapes, with stencils, and repeated squares plus jigsaw pieces (actual and stencilled) - and a label with a Mary Cassat painting that I love.

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