Saturday, 30 July 2011

New Pencils!

Mixed Media Techniques Journal

We were in the Lake District last weekend,to climb up above the Honister Pass to see the rare butterfly the Mountain Ringlet.

En route we stopped at the Keswick Pencil Museum shop. It is like an Aladdin's cave of different art pencils and sketch books. With a birthday this month I did go a bit crazy... but there were lots of  discounts!

I used my journal of techniques to record the colours and effects of the pencils.

Inktense pencils have a waterproof outliner pencil, and then numerous colour pencils which create an intense ink/paint effect when they are wet.Once dry, the pencils are waterproof so you can add extra layers...

There are some drawing pencils which turn into a monochrome wash when dampened and then Graphitint pencils which have a subtle tint to them,again when water is added.
Aquatone are watercolour crayons,which work like watercolour paints when water is added, and are good for controllable washes.

Then I bought a set of  tinted charcoal pencils, again blendable and water soluble.

I also have a box of metallic pencils - these work well on dark paper and again, they are water soluble... I am making articulated dolls for a swap so I played with one of those on one of my ready made backgrounds.

And finally I bought a panoramic sketch book, with 12" x 5.5" pages - it is quite a different scale to work with, so I am looking for some ideas now....

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