Saturday, 23 January 2016

Glue Books

Oh I have not posted for such a long time :(

However, I am doing Lisa Volruth's Art Journalling course beginning with "glue books".

These are a very immediate form, using magazine images etc and glueing into cheap lined books or, as in my case, old books,  with Pritt Stick.

 I have a book about Africa's Rift Valley, which has some excellent double page spreads which I intend to keep.

There are also maps and diagrams which I shall incorporate into some of my spreads.

I used Vogue primarily, though the last one also has a Times image of a folk festival which I feel is very special.
I use Vogue and other  high quality magazines as the paper is very forgiving and you tend to get page spreads with large expanses of colour. I also use these for my collage work which I have done for many years. The latest are underwater themed.

Jellyfish is finished but I am still working on the fish eyes in the second one.

I have also found as part of another glue book spread that you can distress images which gives a whole new area to develop. I am still working on this one.

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