Sunday, 31 January 2016

Rule of thirds...

More inspiration from Lisa Vollrath's wonderful course, which I highly recommend.

In the rule of thirds, there should be points of interest on the intersections, there should also be a focal point and some kind of linear connection.

The picture above was my first try at applying the rule of thirds , but I think this was very unsuccessful -it is bitty, it had no true focus and the middle is full of random tat!
So I scrapped it and did the one below instead... the figure on the right is a focal point and the juggling figure connects across the spread

I completed this one above one, again using the rule of thirds - although the central figure  is a strong one , the true focus is on the right staring out and the central figure has its back to the viewer. I did a lot of sanding away of the figure, which I like, and the connection across the spread is the text in this case...

These two incorporate the maps and text in the original book into the spreads, again with sanding


The final spread is a bit cluttered but I wanted to use the Modigliani images...

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