Thursday, 31 August 2017

4 signatures for The Victorian Seamstress

 Here are the four signatures for the Victorian Seamstress thatsjustpenny digi-kit.

They are complete with tucks and pockets, but these have not been filled yet.

They are looking pretty chunky!

I have already posted the first signature,  so numbers 2 to 4 follow -

Number 2 , left, has the signature cover shown at the bottom

Like the front, the reverse of Number 2 has lots of pockets, corner tucks,  and lots of other spaces so that the owner of the book can customize it.

Eventually there will also be lots of insertions of pictures, postcards, ephemera and little cards and zines to write in.

I shall also be adding some more embellishments like beads and charms

The next stage is to think about sewing the signatures together and making a cover.

I am a bit concerned about the eventual thickness of the book once all the inside pieces are added,  and whether it will be too chunky to manage, so it is still a work in progress and I will be posting the next stages as they happen.

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