Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Inside the Junque Gratitude Journal...

I decided to start the journal with some inspiration from Joanne Sharpe's "Top Ten tips for Artful Lettering" *. She says:-

If you want unique lettering on your journal pages, begin with your very own handwriting.  Get comfortable with making letters and writing words and quotes.  Explore and experiment with new pens and supplies to write with.   Each tool gives you a different look and feel.  It takes practice, practice, practice just as if you were learning to play the piano!  Try making a new alphabet where all the letters have a common element.  You must make “artful letters” every day!  

 So I took some quotations about "gratitude" off the web and had a go at lettering these with different pens.

I had already added the circles to the page when I decorated it  so I also used these as "containers" for the quotations.

I am sorry to say that my writing does not look anywhere near as exciting as Joanne Sharpe's wonderful examples, but it has got me started...

* See Art Journal Every Day's fabulous July 2011 “TOP TEN TIPS for ARTFUL LETTERING” by Joanne Sharpe

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  1. Love your page and the quotes too. I'm to check out the tips. Thanks for sharing!

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