Thursday, 11 August 2011

Junque Journal - first go

I keep hearing about Junque Journals and have been intrigued to find out more about them....

For several years I have kept a series of "Discovery Journals" inspired by Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance - I keep clippings, quotes, mementoes - just about everything but they are very utilitarian, as making a full art journal spread for each page would have been too slow for the amount of sheer stuff I want to keep...

So I wondered about using a Junque Journal instead as this sounded like the kind of thing I want..

First I had to find out what a Junque Journal is.
The Art Journalling thread on has links to this summary on You Tube  Uploaded by  on Jan 17, 2010
"At the request of the Art Journal Caravaners, a quick glimpse at Tangie's Junque Journal made out of a composition notebook."

Well I don't know what a composition book! is but I was keen to get started...

First I found this A5 Red and Black notebook which has stitched seams and seemed similar. (Yesterday I also bought a pack of exercise books from Morrison's which may also fit the bill...)

We were about to go to London to cat sit for our daughter so on Friday night I put the journal together very quickly, using ribbons to tie around the spine to reinforce it in several places, and added pasted in scrapbook paper, scrumpled up pages  inked with stamp pads, and added mini bulldog clips - all as shown on the video.

We went down to London on Saturday and normally we would have stayed in London for all 3 nights  and gone to shows and out for meals - but we went down to Dorset to a hotel  for Saturday night to go butterfly spotting instead.

Thank goodness we did.

We heard about rioting in London on Saturday and Sunday but we had no idea how bad it was!

We found out on Monday night when the riots were in full swing.

We decided to go into London through Croydon as that would be so quiet!!

We  missed the turn for the M25 to Croydon - and the riot there! - but drove straight into Clapham where all the riots were kicking off.

So the Junque Journal starts off with things we did on the way to Dorset and back...

and then turns in to a record of the most obscene rioting and looting...

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