Friday, 12 August 2011

Retrospective Junque Journalling

 Now that I have made a Junque Journal I am very discontented about my discovery journals ...

 I think they are a bit like glue books maybe? As they are just a home for all sorts of images, quotes, news clips, patterns - just anything that interests me, but there is no journalling... I also paste in whole pages from newspapers and magazines  with reviews and with things that interest me...

So I decided to retrospectively turn my current book into a junque journal instead.

The current book is just a cheap lined A4 ruled book with a ring bound spine.

I reinforced each spread with the sticky tape you use for the back of picture frames... this was essential as the weight tears the paper off the spiral binding.

I also removed a few pages to take the pressure off!

 I used scrapbook paper and bits and pieces to fill around pages that already had things pasted in -

and I used watercolour crayons to colour around the pages where there was just blank space. Because the paper is thin, it is already cockled by the paste so once the crayons are wetted there is a nice grunge look to them...

New pages had a mixture of scrapbook papers, or were coloured in with the watercolour crayons...

I found some dramatic images to dress the pages...

And I also added a page of borders...

Now I will carry on with it and maybe dress it up a bit more with clips, ribbons etc...

But I can't get over how much more interesting it has become and how quickly and easily I could do it, it just took yesterday evening and was great fun...

Now I am wondering whether to just continue this with every new book I use, or whether to go back and grunge up all the ones I have already done! Or both of course!


  1. Looks fantastic! Landed here through Julie Fei Fan Balzer's art journal challenge and love everything I see- the layered look of the pages is fantastic! I haven't started my own journal yet- I have my own "composition book" sitting there waiting for me to open it but this has inspired me to start.

  2. Thanks so much! What I love is the speed of the junque journalling, it makes it feel really spontaneous:) I can get a bit inhibited by the need for a good "finish" in some of my journalling, so I never start!

  3. Have looked back on some of your previous work and love it! Love the idea of junque journaling...but where to start?

  4. I kept hearing about junque journals and had no idea what they were, but there are 3 videos here that do it step by step:)

    You Tube Uploaded by tangiebaxter on Jan 17, 2010
    "At the request of the Art Journal Caravaners, a quick glimpse at Tangie's Junque Journal made out of a composition notebook."

  5. I like what you are doing with your Junque journal!