Thursday, 9 June 2011

ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY - A Face A Day - 9th June 2011


I have been dying to try out some ideas from this wonderful book

"Interactive art workshop : set your mixed media in motion" by Kim Rae Nugent"

The idea for this face is to take a child's game, remove the back and replace it with an image of you own and you have a totally different piece of work.

I "channelled" Aubrey Beardsley again as it gives quite a contrasty image which works best behind the plastic - subtlety vanishes!

I have some different toys to try later -  like a little round maze and a miniature pinball machine - so they will  appear during the month.

I think I should draw some men now!

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  1. Every once in awhile I google my name to see what comes up and I as happy to see that you had tried one of the projects in my book!
    Have a lovely day!