Saturday, 18 June 2011


Butterfly - no puffin - spotting in Wales

There has been a delay in posting my "face a day" as we have been in Wales, originally butterfly hunting (to photograph them!).

There was nothing flying we went to South Stacks cliffs at Holyhead in Anglesey. 

It is an RSPB reserve with guillemots, choughs and my all time favourite bird the puffin. The puffins nest in burrows on a grassy slope high above sheer cliffs down to the sea.

 You get to see them by going down a long series of steps cut into the cliffs - which is why I am looking hot and windswept but very pleased with myself!

Back to a Month of Faces

These pictures, therefore, cover the 13th June
 to today, the 18th June. 

The 13th June is a drawing of a very pretty doll's head with pouting lips; I used the Pentel Aquash water colour crayons and blended the face with water afterwards.
The 14th June was inspired by an article in The Times about the Chemical Brothers - I loved the strange colours in the accompanying illustration.  
The 15th June is a cartoony lady - the kind of woman who scared me to death when I was a small girl, probably because I wouldn't eat my school dinners - done with colour pencils and black and white ink.
The 16th is a rather natty Victorian gent, part of my Edgar Allan Poe drawings, with a wash of colour.
The 17th is probably a relative or a younger version of 15th June, thankfully she is asleep now!
 And the 18th is another  interactive art example - inspired by  "Interactive art workshop : set your mixed media in motion" by Kim Rae Nugent". This time I used  a child's pinball machine toy with the back removed and replaced by a shameless theft of a Klimt style lady.

And the picture of the layout of the two pages shows the grid waiting to be filled....

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  1. Great looking faces! So glad you're enjoying yourself!