Sunday, 12 June 2011

ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY - a month of faces - 10th, 11th, 12th June

YAY!! So I  am art journalling every day, even if it has taken me six months to actually do it.   But I haven't posted because I was out yesterday doing a 3 mile charity walk  - it was really nostalgic as I was walking around all the little country lanes where I used to run for 3, 5, 8, 10 miles depending on the route - and a little voice was saying "do it again!! You're not too old!!"

The first picture is from a photograph I took in 2007, just a quick sketch, again very nostalgic. Our little grand-daughter had a catastrophic birth on Boxing Day 2006 and was in a the Special Care Baby Unit for 3 weeks, with 10 days of that in an induced coma. But she came through with just mild left side hemiplegia. So the day I took this photograph was the day I thought we would never see...

So - A bit of light relief for 11th 

A happy zetti girl


And for today this is a drawing based on a sculpture I did of a Victorian-esque woman in a Miss Havesham frame of mind.

I spent months at my pottery group making a Victorian feeling woman with a surreal line in moth collecting.

As she was made she just grew bigger and bigger.

However, disaster struck when she was fired and lots of her just fell off:(

However, I took her home and using real lace dipped in matte acrylic medium I managed to sculpt enough of her back to be worth gessoing her, painting her in acrylic and varnishing her. 

She now sits in a front bedroom window as a kind of spooky burglar alarm...


  1. Love seeing all your faces! :)

  2. I only just discovered Balzer designs (thanks to your post on AFA forum. THANK YOU!!!) and missed half of this months challenge but will make a mini challenge for myself to do the last two weeks. I am loving your faces and your sculpture is lovely.