Saturday, 18 June 2011

Making Stepped Pages - Strathmore Workshop 2 - Start Where You Are. Instructor Linda Blinn

In Strathmore Workshop 2 “Start Where You Are”  the instructor  Linda Blinn showed how to make stepped journal pages:

“ go to the front of your journal and cut the first few pages vertically in varying widths to create stepped pages as an entry into your journal. Cover these pages with decorative paper as shown in the photo or art them up with collage and paint” 

I made these stepped pages ages ago but had not got around to doing anything with them, so first I added some edging borders.

Then using Pam Carriker’s “Art at the Speed of Life” ideas for acrylic washed backgrounds and the sequin waste (also known as punchinella  in the US I believe, when I took it for a character out of HarlequinJ ) suggested in her Strathmore Workshop 1 I made a set of backgrounds for future use.

Because the stepped pages reveal parts of other pages I have tried to use some complementary tones.

This  means that the interesting glimpses of the other pages edges adds to the effect and makes the pages more interactive.

I used the sequin waste strips to make a banded effect by stippling along the edges of the strip as well as through the perforations.

The last of these spreads also uses the back of the fold out page in my night and day spread, so I have  used the same tones to give me a panoramic background to decorate.

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